Provincial Disaster Management Plan, Sudurpaschim 2020 (प्रादेशिक विपद् व्यवस्थापन योजना, सुदूरपश्चिम 2077)


This province disaster management plan includes various strategic activities to mitigate and manage risks and disasters, emphasizing preparedness, response, relief, recovery, rehabilitation, and reconstruction. Additionally, it aims to address different tactical actions through engaging various strategic approaches. Moreover, the plan has determined the structure of disaster management actions at the provincial level, highlighting the significance of disaster preparedness and response leadership and supportive bodies.

The plan envisions the comprehension of disaster risks, management, and impacts within the province. It emphasizes disaster governance, and public and private investment, enhancing capacity for disaster preparedness and response, and further strengthening disaster management. The concept of making disaster management more efficient and effective is incorporated, along with considerations for financial arrangements, implementation, and evaluation of various subjects regarding disaster.


Legal Document


Province Level


Government, Sudurpaschim Province

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