Guideline for Disaster Search, Rescue and Relief Standard, Bagmati Province 2021 (विपद् खोज, उद्धार तथा राहत वितरण मापदण्ड सम्बन्धी कार्यविधि, वाग्मती प्रदेश २०७८)


Recognizing the need to efficiently address the impacts of disasters, including natural and man-made events, and to enhance the search and rescue capabilities in the face of such incidents, and with the goal of establishing systematic disaster preparedness, the Province Government of Bagmati has taken proactive measures to reinforce disaster response and management. By enacting the Bagmati Disaster Management Act, 2075 (2019), utilizing the authority granted by Section 45 of the Act, the provincial government has facilitated and promoted the integration of disaster-related activities to effectively mitigate the impact of disasters, enhance preparedness, and respond efficiently in the face of emergent situations within the province by preparing the Guideline for Disaster Search, Rescue and Relief Standard.


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Government, Bagmati Province

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