Contingency Plan for Housing Sector, Bagmati Province 2022 (आवास विषयगत क्षेत्रको आकस्मिक योजना, बागमती प्रदश २०७९)


This document published by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law, Bagmati Province with the assistance of Physical Infrastructure Development, Bagmati Province, and technical support and funding from NGOs and INGOs is a legal document that guides as a contingency plan for the housing sector to build resilience. It outlines steps and measures to be taken during the construction of houses to minimize negative impacts, ensure safety, and maintain resilience during disasters and crises. This document provides a guideline on emergency plans, objectives, and strategies regarding housing based on the disaster risks, disaster management scenario in Bagmati Province, and the response modalities.


Legal Document


Province Level


Government, Bagmati Province

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