Disaster Risk Reduction Strategic Action Plan, Lumbini Province 2022-2030 (विपद् जोखिम न्यूनीकरण रणनीतिक कार्ययोजना, लुम्बिनी प्रदेश २०७९-२०८७)


Lumbini Province is particularly affected by disasters such as floods, landslides, Fires, Thunderbolts and droughts, and even heavy rainfall sometimes destructing the crops. The impact on public and private properties is primarily visible in damages caused by floods and landslides, and the destruction of productive lands is also evident throughout. Therefore, this Province has prepared and published a Strategic Plan of Action for the time period starting from 2022 to 2030 for conducting Disaster Risk and Reduction activities. This action plan document gives detail on probable disasters and a plan for the time period to mitigate and manage the possible risks arising from those.


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Action Plan


Government, Lumbini Province

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