Scenario of Disaster in Nepal (नेपालमा विपद्को परिदृष्य)


This presentation titled “Scenario of Disaster in Nepal (नेपालमा विपद्को परिदृष्य)” was shared by Dr. Raju Thapa, Vice-Chair, DPNet Nepal during the “Learning/Sharing Program for Implementing and Strengthening DRR Policies and Strategies at Provincial Level”.

Dr. Thapa commenced his presentation by introducing DPNet Nepal, its work, and its legacy. He delved into disaster triggers, focusing on Nepal's major earthquake, discussing causal factors, global seismic hazard context, and Nepal's seismic history. The Gorkha Earthquake's impact was detailed, with 14 vulnerable districts, and extensive property and infrastructure damage, including classrooms. This illustrated how a catastrophe affects various societal sectors. Dr. Thapa stressed provincial DRR policy strengthening. Future predictions based on earthquake history were presented, along with flood and landslide consequences. The inadequacy of preparedness due to Nepal's diverse landscape and underprepared modernization was emphasized, alongside Karnali Province's risk scenario. Federal level concerns encompassed policy implementation ownership, stalled policy reviews, hierarchical issues in committees, financial accountability, and infrastructure research lag. NPDRR's roles and coordination efforts were highlighted, concluding with thought-provoking questions.




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