Act for Construction of Physical Infrastructures inside protected areas, 2008 (संरक्षित क्षेत्र भित्र भौतिक पुर्वाधारहरु निर्माण एवं संचालन सम्वन्धि कार्यनीति, २०६५)


Nepal’s prosperity is inherently linked to the richness of its biodiversity. Constructing physical infrastructure for development projects is inevitable, but the negative environmental impacts resulting from such developmental plans need to be mitigated while also preserving the natural beauty and biodiversity. The destruction of physical resources sometimes leaves no viable alternative from an economic and technological standpoint. Recognizing the need to minimize these apparent conflicts, efforts are directed towards reducing issues associated with such conflicts.

By following the principles of biodiversity conservation and sustainable development, efforts are being made to promote environmentally friendly hydropower production within protected areas. Constructing and operating physical infrastructure while maintaining an environmentally favorable context is crucial in addressing the minimized challenges of today. Therefore, this action plan on the construction of infrastructures in protected areas provides a guideline for construction without hampering the authenticity of the protected areas.


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