Disaster Risk Financing Challenges and Opportunities


This presentation on Disaster Risk Financing Challenges and Opportunities; Food Resilience Program and Index-Based Risk Financing was prepared and shared by Mr. Bikram Rana from practical action during the policy dialogue organized by DPNet Nepal on 5th August 2023. This presentation highlights regarding the disaster risk financing strategy focused on risk layering for climate and disaster insurance, limited to high-catastrophic risks due to resource constraints. DHM set a 10.8-meter threshold in Karnali as the project's entry point. It aimed to support farmers, promote transparency, and gained community trust. In 2022, 935 farmers enrolled and were compensated as water levels rose, increasing disaster risk awareness. In 2023, DHM approved TAYAR Nepal's program using the Nepali model in Khutiya, with 4278 farmers currently insured in Karnali. The project succeeded in empowering farmers and providing coverage in high-risk regions.




Mr. Bikram Rana


Practical Action

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