Present Condition and the Future paths for Lumpy Skin Disease in Nepal


This presentation was prepared and shared by Mr. Nabaraj Shrestha during the online interaction session on “Lumpy Skin Disease Epidemic in Nepal” hosted by DPNet Nepal. He attempted to highlight the present condition of Lumpy Skin Disease in Nepal, and the future paths to prevent and mitigate such epidemics. He shared with the participants that Lumpy Skin Disease does not fall under animal flu and it is non-communicable to human beings, but since the animals are infected and sick, the food products derived from them might lack nutritional value and food quality, therefore it’s better not to consume products from such diseased animals. He also educated the forum about the vaccine prices and doses that are to be given to the animals (25ml vaccine means 25 doses that costs Rs.4000 that are to be injected 1 dose per animal). This document further incorporates the FAQs with answers regarding LSD for public awareness.




Mr. Nabaraj Shrestha


Department of Livestock Services, MoALD

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