Final Evaluation Report, Baliyo Ghar Program - A Contribution towards Disaster Resilient Nepal


This document is an outcome of the evaluation study implemented under the Baliyo Ghar program which was implemented during 2015-2021 by NSET with funding support from USAID Nepal under the overall guidance and direction of NRA. This study evaluates the effectiveness and impact as well as the Baliyo Ghar program’s contribution towards overall reconstruction in Nepal. The specific aims of the study were to:

  • Examine the effectiveness of the BG program in changing building construction practice.
  • Understand the extent of the social impacts of the Baliyo Ghar program
  • Assess the contribution of BG program toward sustainability of resilient reconstruction
  • Capture and provide evidence and lessons useful for broader stakeholders

This report highlights the objective, methodology, results, discussion, and conclusions of the studies conducted as part of the Monitoring and Evaluation process of the Baliyo Ghar program.





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