Checklist for Gender Equality and Social Inclusion in Disaster/ Emergency Preparedness in the COVID-19 Context


The document was produced by UN Women on May 2020 after the COVID-19 lockdown commenced worldwide with inputs from the Gender and Humanitarian Task Team and the IASC Gender Alert for COVID-19 Outbreak. The document comprises the GESI concerns that are foreseen in lockdown to address the issues. The document has highlighted the importance of GESI in Disaster Preparedness, and emerging gender-related issues in COVID-19 in Nepal. The emerging gender issues were health and well-being, Gender-based Violence including domestic violence, care burden, labor, information sharing, shelter homes/schools/quarantine centers, migrant workers including women, legal identity and lack of documentation, and people returning from India. 

The document contains the cluster-wise checklist for emergency preparedness and priorities for response to COVID-19. The document presents gender-sensitive clusters that are Shelters including Non-Food Relief Items (NFRIs), Health, Food Security, Nutrition, Protection, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Livelihoods and Cash-based Interventions (CBIs), Education, Communicating with communities, Logistics, Assessments, and Advocacy and Key messages.


GEDSI, Report


UN Women

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