Neelkantha Municipality Disaster Management Act, 2019


This document is a Municipal level Disaster Management Act for Neelkantha Municipality formulated in 2075. As it was desirable to make a law for the coordinated and effective implementation of all activities of disaster management in order to protect the livelihood of the general public from natural and non-natural disasters and the protection of public, private, and personal property, natural and cultural heritage and physical structures within the Neelkantha Municipality area, the Fifth Municipal Assembly of Neelkantha Municipality issued this Act using the authority of Article 222 of the Constitution of Nepal. This document provides a legal framework for managing disasters in an appropriate manner clarifying the distinct roles and responsibilities of the disaster management committee members, responsibilities of the security forces, disaster fund mobilization, punishment-related acts in case of misuse of power, coordination and relief provisions in the Neelkantha Municipality.


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Neelkantha Municipality

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