Disaster Risk Reduction Volunteer Bureau Formation and Operation Guideline, Bhimeshwor Municipality, 2078


Since the people of the local community are the first responders to any disaster, the role of local volunteers is indispensable to make disaster management effective even in the case of a lack of skilled manpower at the local level in preparedness, disaster response, and disaster recovery activities, sufficient public awareness as well as lack of financial and material resources.

Recognizing the necessity of effectively and systematically mobilizing volunteers in disaster preparedness and response efforts, Bhimeshwor Municipality has utilized the authority granted by Section 5 of the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act, 2078 and Section 11 of the Federal Act to prepare this volunteer mobilization guideline for effective response during crisis situations at the community level. This legal document provides a guideline for the formation of a volunteer bureau, its operation, and the mobilization of volunteers in case of emergency in the Bhimeshwor Municipality.


Legal Document


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Bhimeshwor Municipality

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