Bhimeshwor Municipality Disaster Risk Reduction Mainstreaming Guideline, 2077


In order to enhance the organizational structure and strengthen policies related to disaster risk reduction and management, it is essential to understand the community's vulnerability to high-risk situations. Considering this, Bhimeshwor Municipality has exercised the authority provided in Section 27 of the Bhimeshwor Municipality Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act, 2077, to issue this guidance as per the Municipality's decision. The aim of this DRR mainstreaming guideline is to integrate disaster risk reduction into the local and developmental plans of the Municipality, thereby ensuring a safer and more resilient community. This involves increasing awareness, improving the disaster management system, developing and utilizing appropriate information systems to implement disaster risk management activities based on community needs, and ensuring community safety through the institutionalization of Disaster Risk Reduction.


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Bhimeshwor Municipality

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