District Profile of Dhading


This document serves as a comprehensive guide to the Geographical and Administrative positioning of Dhading district. It is structured into various chapters, each focusing on distinct aspects of the district. In the first chapter, the document delves into the Geographical and Administrative positioning of Dhading, encompassing essential information about its territorial location, religious and tourist attractions, political divisions, air and water resources, rivers and rivulets, cultural heritage, festivals, fairs, and the development of settlements. Section 2 reveals valuable insights into the district's population and demography. Moving on, Section 3 provides a detailed account of the region's Physical Infrastructure Development, highlighting various infrastructural projects and facilities. Section 4 explores the industrial activities taking place within Dhading district. Section 5 offers comprehensive details about the district's financial activities. Additionally, it covers the state of Education, Health, and cooperatives in Section 6. Section 7 addresses the vital aspect of Natural resources and environmental conditions within the district. Lastly, Section 8 focuses on Agriculture, showcasing its significance in the local economy. With its diverse chapters, this document presents a comprehensive understanding of the geographical, administrative, and socio-economic characteristics that define Dhading district.


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Dhading District

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