Initial Rapid Assessment (IRA) for Disaster Evaluation Guideline, Neelkantha Municipality, 2021


This document is the initial amendment paper for the Initial Rapid Assessment section. It covers the evaluation of the extent of land destruction in the disaster-affected areas, the assessment of immediate search, rescue, and relief needs, as well as the determination of the cost of relief operations required on-site. It also involves the presentation of initial data, the provision of immediate assistance in the overall response, and the preliminary rapid accounting as outlined in the assessment plan. In order to incorporate current references and contemporary knowledge, the executive committee, empowered by Section 48 of the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act 2074, has made necessary revisions to the Disaster Accounting Guidelines' preliminary rapid accounting section. These revisions have been made in a spontaneous and straightforward manner in this draft.


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Neelkantha Municipality

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