Factsheet of Neelkantha Municipality, Dhading


This report provides a comprehensive overview of Neelkantha Municipality, which is located in Dhading District of Province-3 in Nepal. The municipality consists of 14 wards with a total population of approximately 65,139. The report covers various aspects including population and distribution, caste and ethnicity, area, housing system, physical infrastructure such as roads, transportation, drinking water, hygiene practices, garbage disposal, waste management, electricity, communication services, drainage system, social infrastructure including health, education, culture, religion, festivals, security, migration, employment, women's status and participation, income, child protection, persons with disabilities, elderly citizens, economic infrastructure such as agriculture, livestock, industry, commerce, import and export, tourism, vulnerable environmental sites, disaster-prone areas, social and religious places, and natural resources including forests and water. It also provides an institutional description.




Neeklantha Municipality, Dhading

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