Harnessing Home-Grown Technology for DRR


This presentation on "Harnessing Home-Grown Technology for DRR" was prepared and shared by Ram Prasad Rimal, and Laxman Rimal during the Second National Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (NCDRR) organized by MoHA in partnership with USAID Tayar Nepal and DPNet Nepal on 29-30 June 2023. The presentation includes a brief introduction of the organization and the products they have designed throughout the years by utilizing the expert team. It further gives information about the community expectations, the extent to which they've met those expectations, and detailed information regarding the systems they have developed COVID (thermographic camera), weather stations, Landslide EWS, and wireless community rescue siren system. The presenters further gave away forward from the past learning.


NCDRR 2 Presentations


Event Day 2


Ram Prasad Rimal, Laxman Rimal

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