Reconstruction Practices and Experiences (पुनर्निर्माणका अभ्यास, उपलब्धि र चुनौतीहरू)


This presentation on "Reconstruction Practices and Experiences" was prepared and shared by Mr. Krishna Gaire, Deputy Secretary, NDRRMA during the Second National Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (NCDRR) organized by MoHA in partnership with USAID Tayar Nepal and DPNet Nepal on 29-30 June 2023. This presentation clarifies about the legal frameworks and guidelines that escort Reconstruction practices in Nepal. Furthermore, this presentation brings to light the types of grants that have been provided to the affected families after the earthquake in 2015 and the issues and challenges NDRRMA faced while providing the services and while implementing the action plan regarding reconstruction as an entity.


NCDRR 2 Presentations


Event Day 2


Mr. Krishna Gaire

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