Ecosystem and Community Resilience to Climate Induced Disasters in Annapurna Region, Nepal: "A Study from Panchase Protected Forest Ecoregion"


The presentation on Ecosystem and Community Resilience to Climate-Induced Disasters in Annapurna Region, Nepal “A Study from Panchase Protected Forest Ecoregion” was prepared and shared by Ms. Shakti Gurung, PhD Scholar at Central Department of Environment Science Tribhuvan University during the Second NCDRR organized by MoHA in partnership with DPNet Nepal and USAID Tayar Nepal in 2023.

This presentation incorporated the conceptual framework of the study, its objectives, the materials, and methods while conducting the study, the results and discussions along with the recommendations for the future in the area. This study aims to show an interlinkage between ecosystem management and hazard vulnerability reduction in the context of mountainous regions of Nepal.


NCDRR 2 Presentations


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Ms. Shakti Gurung, PhD

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