Sustainable Development-Oriented Local Government: Training Manual on Resilient Development-Oriented Reconstruction, 2021


This training manual "उत्थानशील विकास उन्मुख स्थानीय सरकार: उत्थानशील पुनर्निर्माण र विकासका लागि प्रशिक्षण पुस्तिका, २०७७" provides guidance to local governments in disaster risk reduction, management, and sustainable reconstruction and development. It incorporates relevant policies, strategies, methods, and practices in a unified manner. The first module provides a brief overview of Nepal’s national political agenda, the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act, local governance laws, and international commitments made in forums and conferences. The following modules discuss the establishment of institutional structures related to disaster resilience, environmental considerations in private, public, and commercial building construction, and the involvement of stakeholders in natural resource management. Modules two through five delve into these topics. Modules six, seven, eight, and nine focus on disaster-resilient agriculture, education, economic aspects related to disaster risk reduction and management, and the development of local governance. The legal provisions for community development, disaster risk reduction, and management, as well as national and international efforts and standards, are also highlighted in this manual.


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