25 Years of DPNet Nepal


This document published on the 25th anniversary of DPNet Nepal is a memoir of DPNet's journey back from 1996 till 2020. The document incorporates all the major activities and achievements of DPNet throughout the years as a secretariat of the National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (NPDRR) and working on Regional Networking for better advocacy practices to enhance disaster resilience.

This document further gives a brief on how DPNet advocated the need for a comprehensive Disaster Management Act, formulated the National Disaster Risk Reduction Policy 2018 and National Disaster Risk Reduction Strategic Plan of Action 2018-2030, and prepared Nepal Disaster Reports. Further, it comprises papers written by experts in the field of disaster following an inclusive approach towards marginalized and vulnerable groups such as; people with disabilities and prioritizing gender inclusion. The document furthermore incorporates the member organizations and the list of executive members throughout the years along with a photo gallery of the activities and the achievements of DPNet.


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