NCDRR Essay Competition


The video is about the learning and sharing of the National Conference On Disaster Risk Reduction (NCDRR) to contribute to strengthening the DRRM governance system through the localization of NPDRR and DRRM knowledge management and exchange. It covers the essay competition session. Essay competition aimed to bring on board the school students on DRRM issues. It was targeted to school-level students up to higher secondary (+2) levels. The announcement was made through online news portals, DPNet-Nepal's email groups as well as some school-related networks. Few students participated and four students of class 10 were selected by the essay evaluation team for cash prizes and certificates.

It was successful in drawing the attention of school-level students and also knowing their level of DRRM understanding, but it needs a further strategy in disseminating the information to attract more students to participate. The video can be accessed as an Essay Competition on the YouTube channel of DPNet Nepal.




DPNet Nepal

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