GIS Bases Frequency Ratio Method for Identification of Potential Landslide Susceptible Area in the Siwalik Zone of Chatara, Barahakshetra Section, Nepal


The paper delves into the GIS-based frequency ratio method for the identification of potential landslide-susceptible areas in the Siwalik zone of the Chatara-Barahakshetra section, Nepal. This study aimed to create a landslide susceptibility map for the Chatara-Barahakshetra area in eastern Nepal's Siwalik zone using a frequency ratio model, utilizing remote sensing and GIS. The validation results demonstrated the model's prediction ability, with over 71% success rate, making it a suitable tool for prioritizing landslide control efforts and planning in the area. The paper illustrates that Shallow and deep landslides are common, causing damage to roads and settlements every year.


Case Studies, Report


Open Journal of Geology

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