GIS-Based frequency ratio method for identification of potential landslide susceptible area in the Siwalik zone of Chatara-Barahakshetra section, Nepal


This study aims to develop a landslide susceptibility map of Chatara-Barahakshetra area, Siwalik zones of eastern Nepal by the means of frequency ratio model. The paper utilized the remote sensing and GIS to develop a landslide susceptibility map. Total of 382 landslide polygons were mapped from Google earth and by field verification. The validation results showed that the success rate curve with 72.55 percentage of the area lying under the curve and the prediction rate curve with 71.73 percentage of the area lying under the curve indicating that prediction ability of the Frequency Ratio model. These landslide susceptibility maps can be used as a planning tool by prioritizing areas for controlling the landslide effects. More than 71% success rate indicate that frequency ratio model is suitable model for the landslide susceptibility in the study area.


Case Studies


Dinesh Thapa, Bharat Prasad Bhandari

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Open Journal of Geology

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