Topographical and geological factors on gully-type debris flow in Malai River catchment, Siwaliks, Nepal


The Siwalik hill of Nepal lies in between the two major thrusts; Main boundary Thrust and Main Frontal Thrust. Thrusting and continuous erosion of material from surface causes several landslides and debris flow problem in the Siwalik region. Debris flow commonly occurs after landslide during heavy rainfall in the steep slope. This paper described about the topographical and geological controls on debris flow occurring in gullies in the Siwaliks of the Malai River catchment of mid-Western Nepal. The length of gully, length of debris channel, area of debris channel, area of catchment of debris flow, area of gully without debris flow were found using Google earth pro, a free version online database. Similarly, a form factor (F), average gradient of stream, slope area ratio and a topographical factor (T) were calculated. Lithology and geological structure were studied in the field. The relation between each factor was identified.




Bharat Prasad Bhandari and Subodh Dhakal

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Journal of Nepal Geological Society

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