Joint Risk Assessment Post-Earthquake, Nepal


This document is a desk study undertaken by the Swiss NGO DRR Platform following the 2015 earthquakes to provide Swiss NGOs active in recovery and reconstruction with updated relevant information on the disaster risk management system and existing DRR flagship programmer in Nepal. Its main goal is to support people and institutions in preparing for and adapting to climatic trends and shocks, to more effectively mitigate risks, and to enhance risk prevention in the humanitarian and development sectors. The Platform operates through ad-hoc working groups composed of its members, by enabling and supporting policy debate among state and non-state actors in Switzerland, advocating for DRR and CCA in national and international exchange, and capturing and sharing knowledge and experiences relating to DRR and CCA of Swiss NGOs and their partners.

The structured literature review aims to assist Swiss NGOs in accessing relevant information on Nepal's structural setup, policies, and ongoing DRR projects, facilitating the alignment of interventions with key risk reduction approaches for increased effectiveness. The report also advocates for DRR mainstreaming in the recovery phase to promote risk-informed development and recovery.


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