Effectiveness of Community Forest user groups (CFUGs) in Responding to the 2015 Earthquakes and COVID-19 in Nepal


Natural disasters and pandemics are increasingly significant global threats, challenging socioeconomic and environmental well-being. Through analyzing the role of Nepal's Community Forest User Groups (CFUGs) during the 2015 earthquakes and COVID-19, this study examines the potential, strengths, and prerequisites of community-based institutions like CFUGs in effectively managing various disasters. Results indicate that CFUGs, with autonomy, recognition, and social capital, emerge as the most efficient in promptly aiding affected communities. Unlike many organizations, CFUGs possess immediate access and resources, making them crucial for rural disaster support recognizing their contribution, CFUGs could serve as a valuable framework for disaster readiness, response, recovery, and future resilience.




Surendra Bir Adhikari, Dharma N. Bhatta, Deelasha Rayamajhi, Ruchi Adhikari

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Progress in Disaster Science

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