Pathways to Raising Disaster Risk Reduction Awareness Among the Informal Construction Stakeholders Case of Nepal


The paper is about pathways to raising disaster risk reduction awareness among the informal construction stakeholders a case of Nepal. It entails that, Nepal has established comprehensive building codes and a Building Act, a significant challenge arises from informal construction activities, which refurbish existing buildings and add new ones without adhering to standards. Such informal construction renders urban areas vulnerable and lacking resilience in the face of disasters. This issue is not unique to Nepal, as rapid urbanization in developing countries has led to informal construction with little regard for codes. Taking Banepa as a case study, this paper examines stakeholders' awareness of disaster risk reduction in informal construction and explores existing initiatives to promote hazard-resilient buildings.


Case Studies


Ksenia Chmutina, Joanne Rose, Suman Dhun Shrestha, Dilip Bhatta

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Procedia Engineering

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