Anatomy of Disaster Recoveries Tangible and Intangible Short-term Recovery Dynamics following the 2015 Nepal Earthquakes


This document is a case study of the Nepal Earthquakes of 2015 that had severe effects on rural households in extreme environments, leading to diverse short- and long-term recovery dynamics involving infrastructure, livelihoods, well-being, and place attachment. To comprehensively comprehend these dynamics, we selected 400 households across impacted districts, utilizing mixed methods including surveys, interviews, and focus groups over 9 months, 1.5 years, and 2.5 years after the earthquakes. Our findings emphasize the influence of socioeconomic factors, hazard exposure, livelihoods, and displacement on recovery outcomes. Through quantitative and qualitative data, we delve into interconnected themes of inequality, hazards and displacement, and place attachment, shedding light on recovery dynamics and transformations.


Case Studies


Jeremy Spoon, Chelsea E. Hunter, Drew Gerkey Ram B. Chhetri Alisa Rai Umesh Basnet, Anudeep Dewane

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International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction

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