Discussion Program on Jajarkot Earthquake


The emergency meeting, led by DPNet, focused on the recent seismic events in Jajarkot District, Nepal. Participants emphasized collaboration and information sharing to streamline response efforts. Technical insights were provided regarding earthquake intensity, early warning systems, and the need for an expanded network. Presentations outlined the impact on communities, highlighting casualties, injuries, and damage. Urgent priorities included rescue operations, medical care, and immediate needs assessments. Stakeholders stressed the importance of accurate information, coordination, and collaboration to avoid duplication of efforts. Recommendations encompassed establishing a command center, prioritizing primary healthcare, and considering vulnerable groups. Organizations pledged support, and DPNet committed to leading data compilation and on-ground assessments for a targeted response. The meeting concluded with a call for collaboration to effectively assist the affected communities. The full video of the discussion can be accessed as DPNet_Discussion Program on Jajarkot Earthquake on the YouTube channel of DPNet Nepal.




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