Inclusivity, Justice and Accountability: SDG Report of Civil Society in Nepal


This report reflects the engagement and discussions of civil society in Nepal. It emphasizes Sustainable Development Goal 16 (SDG 16), which aims for inclusive societies, justice, and accountable institutions. While progress has been made in empowering victims and public services, challenges persist at the grassroots level. Concerns about corruption persist, and efforts for transparency and accountability have stalled. Inclusion and equality are crucial, particularly for gender parity in Nepal. SDG 16’s principles anchor broader development, fostering unity, democracy, and social harmony. Social inclusion is vital for marginalized voices, requiring improved opportunities and the dismantling of barriers. Government collaboration is essential for peace and human rights. Nepal's constitution protects rights and civic space, vital for equality. Shrinking civic space risks inequality and sustainability. Thriving civil society and transparency are vital for SDG success.




NGO Federation of Nepal

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