Summary of Urban Assessment Results


This document is a summary document of the Urban Assessment Result under Strengthening Urban Resilience and Engagement “SURE” By BRC and NRCS. The Urban Assessment took place in eight municipalities spread across five districts. Among these, six municipalities are situated within the Kathmandu Valley, encompassing Kathmandu Metropolitan City and Budhanilkantha Municipality in Kathmandu district, Bajrabarahi and Karyabinayak municipalities in Lalitpur district, and Bhaktapur and Madhyapur Thimi municipalities in Bhaktapur district. These areas are known for their high population density and rapid growth, with two of them being less than a year old.

The other two municipalities assessed were Pokhara Sub-Metropolitan City (now Pokhara Metropolitan) and Dhangadhi Sub-Metropolitan City. Both of these cities are experiencing fast-paced urbanization, with rates exceeding five percent for Pokhara and four percent for Dhangadhi. As a result, they are facing significant challenges related to unplanned development, with urban cores and developing wards on the outskirts. Notably, Pokhara has the second highest municipal population in Nepal, trailing only behind Kathmandu Metropolitan City, while Dhangadhi boasts the highest population in the Far-Western Development Region.





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