Report on Participatory Campaign Planning (PCP) Process - How to Design Effective & Inclusive Hazard Messages


The PCP is a process designed and facilitated by the Strengthening Urban Resilience and Engagement program “SURE” which is implemented by the Nepal Red Cross (NRCS) in partnership with the British Red Cross, in seven municipalities. SURE aims to enhance the resilience of marginalized and vulnerable communities at risk of disasters by tailoring disaster messages for behavioral change. The PCP workshops identified key areas and preferred means of communication for delivering customized messages. Suitable channels include radio, kiosks, street drama, pamphlets, and television. The target groups expressed their preference for complaint and feedback channels, such as the NRCS hotline, social media, SMS, and direct phone calls. Mobility mapping revealed the daily routines of the target groups, providing insights into opportune times for message delivery. Social network analysis highlighted affiliations with community-based organizations, associations, and groups, offering opportunities for synergistic project activities.





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