Report On: Impact Study in 14 Earthquake Affected Districts on Civil Society Contribution on DRR


Following the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, NGOs undertook extensive recovery and restoration programs across the severely affected districts. This study assesses the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management plans and policies from the perspective of CSOs. It identifies key DRR initiatives, institutional capacities, and activities of CSOs, showcasing exemplary work. Through training sessions with representatives from NGOs in affected districts, insights were gathered, and questionnaires were prepared. The study emphasizes NGOs' crucial role as first responders during crises, contributing to efficient relief efforts and crisis mitigation. Recommendations include enhanced coordination among NGOs, government collaboration, and community involvement in DRRM processes. The study underscores the need for demand-driven projects, local government SOPs, and an 'NGO Mobilization Guideline for Post-Disaster situations' to guide interventions effectively. It highlights the invaluable contribution of NGOs in immediate response and crisis management, urging recognition of their capabilities by the government.



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NGO Federation of Nepal

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