Homebuilders’ Guide to Earthquake-Resistant Design and Construction, 2006


This publication presents seismic design and construction guidance for one- and two-family houses in a manner that can be utilized by homebuilders, knowledgeable homeowners, and other non-engineers. It incorporates and references the prescriptive provisions of the 2003 International Residential Code as well as the results of the FEMA-funded CUREE-Caltech Wood Frame Project. The manual includes prescriptive building detail plans based on state-of-the-art earthquake-resistant designs for use by homebuilders and others in the construction of a non-engineered residential structure. Further, the manual also uses the results of recent loss investigations as well as current research and analysis results to identify some specific above-code measures for improved earthquake performance along with their associated costs. A typical modern house is used to illustrate the application and benefits of the above-code measures. This manual replaces the Home Builders Guide to Seismic Resistant Construction (FEMA 232) published by FEMA in August 1998 as well as earlier FEMA and HUD versions.


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