Guideline for Earthquake Safety Day, 2014 (भूम्कम्प सुरक्षा दिवस मार्गदर्शन, २०७१)


The document discusses the execution of the Earthquake Safety Day in Nepal, honoring the devastating earthquake that occurred on January 15, 1990. The purpose of this annual event was to raise awareness and knowledge about earthquake risk reduction and preparedness measures. The government, under the leadership of the Ministry of Home Affairs, has been organizing various programs and campaigns at national and local levels to inform the public about strategies to mitigate earthquake risks. The Earthquake Safety Day, observed from January 16 to February 15 every year, includes activities such as awareness programs, knowledge dissemination, and community participation. The document emphasizes the need for collaboration among government agencies, organizations, and communities to make the observance of Earthquake Safety Day effective in achieving its objectives and provides guidance for the earthquake safety day.


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Ministry of Home Affairs

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