Flood Risk and Damage Mitigation (बढीको जोखिम र क्षति न्यूनीकरण)


This newspaper article addresses the recurring challenges of monsoon-induced floods and landslides in Nepal, questioning the responsibility for addressing these issues. It highlights the establishment of the “Natural Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act 2039” and the “Flood Risk Reduction and Management Directorate” to coordinate efforts in minimizing flood risks. Despite ongoing programs and initiatives, such as the “Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction,” the author expresses concern about the lack of proactive measures to mitigate annual flood impacts. The article also discusses the consequences of dams built by India in Nepal’s Terai region, emphasizing the need for research on sediment management and community involvement. The author underscores the importance of collaborative efforts between the government, experts, and local communities to effectively address the challenges posed by floods and erosion in the region.




Naya Patrika

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