Climate Change Vulnerabilities and Ecosystem-Based Adaptation


This atlas is one outcome of Mountain EbA Project, Nepal that examined climate change-related vulnerabilities of ecosystems in the Panchase Mountain Ecological Region (PMER), a part of the mosaic of ecosystems in Nepal’s Western Development Region (WDR). It presents details about the climate, ecosystem, vulnerability and adaptation options in the PMER as well as the key findings of the study. Data collected at ward level is presented in maps that show important areas, features and systems. By depicting locations of the EbA options, the maps help visualize useful scenarios for decisions on fund allocations and assessing the impact of the decisions. The PMER base map is based on geographical information system (GIS) platforms developed by the Department of Survey of the GoN. The base map was used to prepare vulnerability maps of wards, village development committees (VDCs) and sub-watersheds. These maps do not, however, show the changes in the landscape caused by differences in elevation and the differences in vulnerability are not as distinct as shown by the maps. Although data available at the VDC and ward levels are not precise, these maps can help support policy decisions. Both maps and the atlas are a useful reference for understanding the challenges of climate change, adaptation to it and EbA.





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