National Emergency Operation Center (NEOC) Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), 2015


This Standard Operating Procedures of NEOC "राष्ट्रिय आपत्कालीन कार्यसञ्चालन केन्द कार्यसञ्चालन विधि, २०७२" is a legal document published by the Ministry of Home Affairs, GoN. This document provides legal guidance on the NEOC procedures to be followed during emergencies. NEOC focuses on coordinating national-level efforts, including information gathering, analysis, and the development of strategies for search, rescue, relief, and recovery. It implements decisions from key committees and ministries, collaborates with national and international search and rescue groups, and leads humanitarian assistance initiatives. The center ensures efficient disaster management through the establishment of emergency networks in all districts, rapid impact assessments, and the management of regional storage facilities. Additionally, it communicates vital information to the public, publishes annual reports on disasters, and maintains updated archives for relief materials. Overall, the center is central to the coordination and effective execution of disaster response and recovery activities across the country.


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