Nepali Version of Sphere Handbook, 2018 (स्फियर निर्देशिका, २०१८)


It's the Nepali version of Sphere Handbook 2018 translated by DPNet-Nepal with the support of the different contributing agencies. The handbook guides maintaining the minimum standard during humanitarian assistance. Recognizing the increased risk of various disasters, especially after events like the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake and the COVID-19 pandemic, DiPeNet emphasizes the importance of adhering to the Sphere Standards in humanitarian activities. The Nepali version of the Sphere Standards, published in coordination with the Sphere Nepal Coordination Committee, serves as a vital reference for humanitarian workers, ensuring the minimum standards are followed during relief efforts. DiPeNet expresses gratitude to those who contributed to the translation and implementation of the Sphere Standards, acknowledging the support of organizations like the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Network, Nepal (DiMaNN).


Translated - English to Nepali, DPNet Publication, Hand Book


Sphere Association

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