Present Status of Landslides in Nepal and Way forward


This presentation about the status of Landslides in Nepal and the way forward was presented by Dr. Kabi Raj Paudyal on the webinar "Recurring landslides and way forward" organized by DPNet-Nepal on 16th July 2020. The presentation depicted that landslides are primarily caused by geological factors in Nepal. The concentration of landslides is influenced by rock weathering in steep and rugged slopes, active faults, shear zones, antiform axes, fractured terrain, and the position of mountain aquifers. Key triggers for landslides include intense precipitation, developmental activities, quarrying, and deforestation. It also illustrates that effective mitigation strategies should be both cost-efficient and involve public participation. Implementing proper drainage management and utilizing extensive bioengineering are essential for sustainable landslide mitigation.




Dr. Kabi Raj Paudyal

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