Rumors and Facts on COVID - 19, March, 2020


Several rumors are circulating about the coronavirus: it is believed that consuming oil can prevent infection, antibiotics can treat the virus, domestic animals like dogs and cats can transmit it, anyone with a cough is assumed to have the virus, consuming garlic-infused water can provide protection, avoiding spicy and heavy foods is recommended, using alcohol on the body can prevent infection, the virus can spread through the air, maintaining distance from people arriving from China is crucial, and goods imported from China, especially through mail, can carry the virus. It's important to note that these are rumors, and accurate information should be obtained from reliable health sources.

Facts about the coronavirus include that consuming garlic does not make individuals immune to the virus, and rubbing oil on the body does not kill the virus. Antibiotics are ineffective against viruses, so their use is not recommended for the novel coronavirus. Regularly washing hands with soap or using alcohol-based sanitizers helps prevent the spread of the virus. There is no evidence that domestic animals such as dogs and cats can transmit the virus. Additionally, receiving packages from China or interacting with domestic animals does not pose a risk of contracting the coronavirus. It is essential to rely on accurate information from reliable health sources and not be misled by misconceptions.


Bulletins, Translated - Nepali to English



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