Rumors and Facts on COVID-19 (कोभिड १९ बारे अफवाह र तथ्यहरु, दोस्रो संस्करण)


This is the second issue of the Nepali version of rumors and facts on COVID-19. These two sets of information about COVID-19 present a nuanced picture. The first set highlights several inaccurate claims, such as the virus not being transmitted through the air, the misconception about heat resistance, and the notion that masks are unnecessary. It also debunks unverified prevention methods like using a quilt or consuming ginger soup. The second set provides more reliable information, emphasizing that COVID-19 can be transmitted in all areas, recommending protective measures like frequent hand cleaning, and underscoring the primary mode of transmission through respiratory droplets. It clarifies the importance of maintaining a distance from sick individuals, acknowledges that the virus may persist on surfaces, and encourages the use of masks in specific situations. The need for accurate information, regular government updates through Situation Reports, and cautious practices in handling animals and food safety are also highlighted. Overall, it stresses the importance of relying on reputable sources for accurate COVID-19 guidance.





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