Rumors and Facts on COVID-19, 3rd Issue


This is the 3rd issue of the Rumors and Facts related to COVID-19. Numerous unfounded rumors surrounding COVID-19, including claims about blood types affecting susceptibility, tea compounds curing the virus, and charcoal preventing infection, lack scientific evidence. While no specific treatment or vaccine is available, global research is ongoing, with various vaccines and therapeutics in development. The virus primarily spreads through respiratory droplets and does not linger in the air for extended periods. Transmission occurs within proximity or through surface contact. WHO advises maintaining hygiene, cleaning surfaces, and practicing respiratory hygiene. Common symptoms include fever, tiredness, and a dry cough, with severe cases potentially leading to difficulty breathing, especially in older individuals or those with underlying conditions. Seeking medical attention is crucial for individuals with concerning symptoms, and governments provide updated information through regular reports. It is imperative to rely on accurate information from reputable sources for COVID-19 guidance.


Bulletins, Translated - Nepali to English


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