Disaster Management and Public Safety Guideline, 2013 (विपद् ब्यवस्थापन तथा नागरिक सुरक्षा निर्देशिका २०७०)


The Kathmandu Metropolitan City, by the Local Self-Governance Act, of 2055, and the National Policy on Disaster Risk Reduction of 2066, has adopted a comprehensive directive for effective disaster risk management. Recognizing the shared vulnerability of communities along the Nepal-India border to floods and other natural disasters, the directive emphasizes the need for proactive measures, preparedness, and awareness. The city aims to reduce the impact of disasters, particularly earthquakes, by implementing long-term plans, strengthening institutional capacity, and promoting a culture of safety and resilience. The guideline outlines specific goals, including integrating DRR into urban development policies, enhancing community resilience, and implementing robust early warning systems. This initiative reflects the commitment to minimizing risks and building a safer, disaster-resilient urban environment.


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