Disability Inclusive Community-Based Disaster Risk Management


This manual serves as a supplement to the Community-Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM) technical training manual in Vietnam, specifically focusing on disability inclusion under Project. It provides practitioners with insights into the importance of including disability in CBDRM, offering an overview of the Disability-Inclusive CBDRM cycle and detailed guidance on implementing Steps 1 and 2 (disability-inclusive risk assessment and planning). The manual emphasizes the role of stakeholders, particularly members of Disabled People’s Organizations, at various levels of CBDRM. Given the fundamental right of all community members, including those with disabilities, to be actively involved in crisis response, the manual concentrates on early warnings and evacuation assistance, drawing on experiences from Disability-Inclusive CBDRM projects implemented by Malteser International and partner DPOs.


GEDSI, Manual


Disability Inclusive DRR Network

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