Disability Inclusive Community Based Disaster Risk Management


This publication advocates for a more inclusive approach to Disaster Risk Reduction, emphasizing the active participation of persons with disabilities in relief and response efforts. It challenges stereotypes by portraying individuals with disabilities as effective agents of change rather than helpless victims. Through testimonies and stories, the paper highlights the capacity of persons with disabilities and their families to contribute to inclusive DRR plans and programs. By promoting equal opportunities and informed, disability-aware support from humanitarian organizations and authorities, there is potential to improve resilience for the 15% of the global population comprising persons with disabilities. The publication shares eleven good practices of disability-inclusive DRR experiences, illustrating concrete examples of active involvement in various interventions and emphasizing the added value that trained and knowledgeable persons with disabilities bring to building sustainable resilience mechanisms against disasters and climate change effects.


GEDSI, Report


Disability Inclusive DRR Network

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