First periodic plan for fiscal year 2076/77- 2080/81 (पहिलो आवधिक योजना २०७६/७७-२०८०/८१)


This is the first periodic plan of the Bagmati Province for the fiscal years 2076/77 to 2080/81 which aims to accelerate economic development, enhance infrastructure, improve social services, and promote environmental sustainability. It focuses on modernizing agriculture, fostering industrial growth, boosting tourism, and investing in infrastructure projects like roads and energy. Additionally, it emphasizes human resource development through better education and vocational training, as well as strengthening healthcare services. The plan also prioritizes sustainable environmental practices and better governance to ensure transparency and accountability. Expected outcomes include increased economic output, improved infrastructure, better social services, sustainable environmental management, and strengthened governance. A robust monitoring and evaluation framework is included to ensure effective implementation and necessary adjustments. Overall, the plan seeks to establish a foundation for sustainable and inclusive development in Bagmati Province.


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Bagmati Province

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