Koshi Province Monsoon preparedness and response plan, 2078 (मनसुन पूर्वतयारी तथा प्रतिकार्य कार्ययोजना, २०७८)


The Monsoon Preparedness and Response Plan for 2078 in the Koshi region outlines strategies and actions to address challenges posed by the monsoon season. It covers pre-disaster preparedness, early warning systems, search and rescue operations during disasters, and emergency humanitarian assistance. Input from local authorities, district disaster management committees, provincial ministries, security agencies, and stakeholders informs the plan, which is shaped by technical analysis and past experiences to ensure effective response. This plan aims to enhance preparedness and response during the monsoon season, which sees frequent natural disasters like floods, erosions, landslides, and road blockages. Discussions with relevant stakeholders have contributed to its development, with a focus on ensuring efficient and timely response and relief efforts during emergencies.


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Koshi Province

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