Gandaki Province Monsoon Preparedness and Response Plan, 2078 (मनसुन पूर्वतयारी र प्रतिकार्य योजना २०७८)


The Monsoon Preparedness and Response Plan commences with an overview of the state and its context, followed by a concise background that underscores the necessity and purpose of the plan. It proceeds to delineate the objectives, focusing on monsoon-specific preparedness and response strategies. The plan then elaborates on the action planning process and analyzes potential risks, including the impact of flooding and COVID-19. Key components of the master plan encompass the implementation of the Impact-Based Monsoon Forecasting System and strategies for preserving open spaces. Furthermore, it addresses resource availability, coordination among relevant ministries and agencies, and the engagement of stakeholders such as the Nepali Army and Red Cross. The plan even identifies target demographics for tailored response efforts.


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Gandaki Province


Gandaki Province

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