Monsoon risk in Nepal: why and when? Dr. Dharam Upreti, Hydro-Meteorological Expert, 2024


The presentation is about the scenario of Monsoon Risk in Nepal. Dr. Dharam Upreti, Hydro-Meteorological Expert, emphasized the importance of people-centered, multi-hazard, end-to-end early warning systems (EWS) in mitigating natural disaster impacts. Presenter emphasized that these systems, capable of reducing damage by up to 30% with 24-hour notice, have significantly reduced flood-related deaths in Nepal. Successes include transitioning to telemetry-based systems and prioritizing community participation. Efforts are also expanding to include landslide EWS and impact-based forecasting. Capacity-building with organizations like TAYAR Nepal and innovative techniques such as integrating EWS into flood insurance plans have further enhanced preparedness. Dr. Upreti underscored the necessity of comprehensive EWS, especially with climate change projections, aligning with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres's call for global EWS coverage by 2027.



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